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Album #13 – The maxi best of

August 25, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

The maxi best of   Here are 30 of the best photos we took over our 7 month adventure across 21,000km and 16 countries. Live the adventure in 5 minutes!! Just bought our new cameras - here it goes! D-Day - On our way to the airport using Djump Our first Couchsurfing of the trip: [...]

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Album #12 – Rio de Janeiro to Paris

March 2, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

From Rio de Janeiro to Paris   This is it! The last stop of the trip: Rio!! What a week! After 2 final days of work, the only mission left was... Carnaval! We could not have asked for a better end to our trip: last hitchhiking session, interviewing Tomás de Lara on Copabana beach, parties [...]

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Album #11 – Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo

February 15, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

From Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo After spending 2 days in Porto Alegre we headed off for a 1,200 km hitchhiking expedition to São Paulo. After two days, on the road and one night in a social shelter we finally arrived in one of the biggest cities in the world: 20 mio habitants. The least [...]

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Album #10 – Argentina to Brazil

February 9, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

From Argentina to Brazil   Boom - 16 countries! We have finally reached Brazil, the last leg of our 7-month journey. Check out the pictures of our crossing and discover what our Brazilian cousins have been up to! It's like one great big shot of collaborative inspiration! Meet Darwin the man, our brother from another [...]

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Album #9 – Chile to Argentina

January 31, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

From Chile to Argentina   Going from Santiago to Buenos Aires was quite a trip - a healthy mix of hitchhiking and ridesharing through the Andes! We were blown away by the amount of collaborative initiatives Argentina has to offer: co-working networks, hackerlabs, ridesharing platforms, crowdfunding platforms, peer-2-peer city guide network... Great times, great vibes! [...]

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Album #8 – Chile

January 13, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

The Sharing Bros in Chile   After hitchhicking from Peru to Chile we finally arrived in Santiago to interview Nicolas Shea from Cumplo, Andres from Trueckers and meet the OuiShare community in Chile. We also took our weekend off to visit the beautiful city of Valparaiso! Good times to share. "Hitchhiking in 4 steps" Step [...]

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Album #7 – Peru

January 4, 2015 by in category All, Photos @en

From Lima to Machu Picchu   The Sweaty Bros are back - sweatier than ever! After 5 months on the road we headed to the main touristic site of our adventure: Machu Picchu. It was simply breathtaking! After a two-day trek to the lost city we headed South to Arequipa (Peru) before crossing the Chilean [...]

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Album #6 – Ecuador to Peru

December 2, 2014 by in category All, Photos @en

From Ecuador to Peru   Roro playing with an egg on the Equator, Mat and his absurd sleeping habits, Ivan’s arty touch… It’s all there, check it out! Our Virgin of Quito, a little foretaste of Rio de Janeiro? Your mission: a side-flip over 3 bros and 4 bags...? Challenge accepted! #YouBlinked #Parkour #Urban Please, [...]

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Album #5 – WWOOFING

November 2, 2014 by in category All, Photos @en

WWOOFING at "Albergue azul", Colombia   We spent one week in a farm in the middle of Colombia thanks to Wwoofing. The rules were quite simpe: you get food and accomodation in exchange for work, but that's just half of the story! Thank you Globshop (Buy products from abroad and have them delivered by a [...]

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Album #4 – Panama to Colombia

October 23, 2014 by in category All, Photos @en

From Panama to Colombia   Between Panama and Colombia there is nothing but trees and swamps! It's called the Dardén Gap - the only part of the American Continent where the Pan-American road stops. As the plane was not an option for us we decided to get to Colombia using various small local boats aka "lanchas". Here [...]

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